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The Farland Redsuit Project

The Farland Redsuit Project.

An idea for a participative project seeded during the Keeper's performance in 2009 , was realised during the Farland show.
I took several of these disposable red coveralls to NE India later in the year while taking part in Khoj international artists workshop, and invited two of the Asian artists who were also workshop participants to use them in some way an send me documentation.
3 images, from Asam, Pakistan, and Scotlandwere shown on signposts as part of an installation at Left Bank Gallery in 2010. Next to the posts were a row of redsuits and an invitation to participate.

A number of people who visited Farland booked redsuits and two have returned images so far.
These are posted on this site in the Redsuit Gallery , and I will update this as images come in.

These images and others will now be presented in May 2011 in the LangByre Gallery at the Woodend Barn Arts Centre, Banchory, Aberdeenshire.

I am calling for more images
If you are interested in participating please contact me or email:

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Top : Ismet Khawaja, Pakistan

MIddle : Sharmila Samant, Assam, India

Lower : Justin Irvine, Scotland.