J a n e t M c E w a n

The Falls

The Falls. 2015.

3.45min Super 8 Film, processed in Caffenol.
Digitised with sound track.

In July 2016 I retraced some of the walks I made regularly as a child in Scotland - including one that went along the river Clyde, from Bonnington Linn Dam past the Lanark Hydro Power Station to New Lanark Milltown.
I documented this journey with my newly acquired vintage Super 8 camera and a digital sound recorder.

While processing the super 8 film I accidentally stripped the images off & initially thought I had nothing to show. However when I ran the film through a projector and matched it with the sound recording I felt it perhaps evoked the essence of the place more than the images I thought i had captured. The flicker which runs through the film echoes the rhythm of the waterwheels which used to power the cotton mills and stll run today.