J a n e t M c E w a n

Notes to Self

Travelling Alone

Everything starts with an airport. Occasionally a train station, and rarely a harbour terminal, but mostly an airport. The displacement, fleeting encounters, accelerated adaptation in each new environment all stand in ironic contrast to the jetsetting lifestyle in the advertised job description. Works in the programme reflect on the artists’ journeys – both literal, on tour between airports, venues and hotels, as well as personal, longing for things far away.

Waterside Project Space
Saturday, 20 June 2009, 9pm


Mavin Khoo
Yamuna Devi
Stuart Thomas
Choreographed by
Isira Makuloluwe
with the artists

Jihye Park
Janet McEwan
Romain Forquy
Pierre d’Alancaisez
Daniel Lehan

We would like to thank the
artists, Aram Bolanovski,
Jack Brindley, Josh Love,
Sophie Edmonds, Toin Adams
and Lanka Makuloluwe.

Text by Pierre d’Alancaisez
and Isira Makuloluwe.