J a n e t  M c E w a n


INNterval – An artistic collaboration at the Halsetown Inn, St Ives, Cornwall – a tribute to the legacy of J.Henry Irving.  Initiated by Ilker Cinarel. Feb 2014


Halsetown Inn is pleased to announce a group exhibition where thirteen artists explore mixed media. All practitioners are from a strong artistic background, some of whome are international award winning creators, and many who diversify their training across research-led fields.


The location of the exhibition holds cultural significance. Halsetown was home to Henry Irving (1838 – 1905), a successful English Victorian stage actor.  In addition Irving was a respected director and stage designer and considered a master of mis-en-scene; the use of scenery, props, lighting etc to give meaning to the performance.


The exhibitors borrow theatrical devices to create an intriguing interval in the rich life of Halsetown Inn, through various art practices including painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, performance video, film and light installation.or INNterval Janet McEwan is presenting a selection of photographs produced by participants in her ongoing Redsuit Project, initiated in 2009, which is an open invitation to photograph a disposable red coverall. If participants choose to wear the red suit as a costume, they are requested to conceal their identity.


Image makers from near and far, taking the role of actors and/or directors and using the world as their stage, have produced diverse responses to this brief. Embracing the comic and the tragic, this collection of pictures taps into our complex associations with the colour red, and alludes to our ongoing human struggle to find a place and purpose in the worlds around us.