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Farm Platform

wedge hill

Rothamsted Research
North Wyke Farm Platform
Launch Event.
Commissioned artwork.
(h: 2 mtrs)

May 2012.

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A temporary site specific artwork, developed over several months collaboratively with staff at North Wyke, for presentation to delegates at the launch of The Farm Platform research facility in May 2012.
The work included photographic documentation of a drawing marked on a nearby field, and an edible grass covered chocolate and coffee cake echoing the soil structure of the surrounding farmland.

North Wyke Research Station in Devon forms part of Rothamsted Research, the longest running agricultural research station in the world, providing cutting edge science and innovation for over 160 years. The missionis to deliver the knowledge and new practices to increase crop productivity and quality and to deliver environmentally sustainable solutions for food and energy production.
Farm Platform is located at North Wyke, Devon, providing the research community access to a range of in situ state of the art instrumentation in hydrologcally isolated fields and farms to better address key issues in sustainable agriculture.
The underlying principle of Farm Platform is to differently manage and reord the impact on water. air and soil, with three on site farmlets, each consisting of 5 component field compromising just over 20 has.