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  • Sun and a small shower at Porthtowan

    I have completely forgotten to write any more posts so here's a new one...Apart from being the best day on for Olympic Team GB yet, yesterday was also the 2nd Cornwall BiG Paint In at Porthowan, Cornwall, initiated by artist Paul Wadsworth, who invited anyone at all to join him for a group painting session, after he was asked if he had permission when when he was painting on the beach himself one day. This gathering - now an annual event- has expanded a little.. and I joined in and offered to set up canvases to explore 'the collective' through painting- both act and object, through inviting people to co-author paintings. Over 30 people of all ages, added to three canvases, which evolved over the day and stimulated considerable conversation. Is this public art?. I think so...

    The canvases were to be auctioned today , with any sums raise going towards an environmental education centre nearby, but as yet I have not heard what happened and was unable to go along. One of the conditions of the sale was that the paintings had to be available for New Visions - an exhibition coopening on Friday at CMR artist led space in Redruth Cornwall. Looking forward to seeing the three canvases in the gallery setting...


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