J a n e t M c E w a n


  • 4'33" Gaslights.

    Almost looking like a Tableau Vivant; a still from a video of a prformance of John Cage's 4'33" in Gaslights Lunge Bar , Redruth, Cornwall, by 3 bands : Peter Parkers's Rock N Rol Club, Mister Postaman, and Honey.

    This event was set up and the music arranged by Liam Jolly of CMR, who also drums with Mister Postman, but unfortunately like many drummers is out of sight in this shot.

    A short while before this performance, we staged a variation of Cage's 33 1/3, on the top floor of CMR , with

    12 recorded music playing machines.. turntables.. cd players, cassettes, and ipod docks playing simultaneously - a cacophony of noise.....

    Both events were astonishing! 4'33" Gaslights

    This evening concluded the first week of the John Cage centennial activities, 4 weeks 33 hours, which I am curating in Redruth. This event was unforeseen at the start, so I have no idea what to expect next.


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