J a n e t M c E w a n


Returning to the site 3 weeks after burying the two treasures- a small brass chest full of copper coins and a bag of 9 large anmethyst crystals, the ground apeared to have healed and I was not unconcerned that I woud not be able to locate the treasure easily at the end of the event.........
Over 6 days (4 of which I was present for and available to explain and demonstrate basic approaches) 94people took part in the
treasure hunt, mostly selecting either the metal L rods or tigers eye pendulum in the dowsing toolkit I provided.
A few people also experimented with the dowsing equipment iin an artwork installed in the grounds by Judy Spark - an artist also exploring dowsing at the event.
For most of the participants this was their first dowsing experience and there were a wide range of reponses.
Despite having spent some time in the company of dowsers, I had really no idea what to expect and it was quite exciting watching the work unfold.
The weather held up the treasure retrieval, but with fantastic support from Mary Cane (a talented dowser!) who also helped me bury the treasure we managed to locate the goodies and identify the winners without ruining too much of the lawn!